Mille Feuilles {V}
Mille Feuilles {V}

Mille Feuilles {V}

Code 10059

Fed up with machine made Mille Feuilles? Our Mille Feuilles, also known as the Vanilla Slice, are hand made using three layers of puff pastry, cream, fondant, chocolate and a hint of strawberry. We think it's the best.

Highly Recommended and one of our Top 10.

Additional Information:

Portions per Box: 18

Total Weight: 2.2g*

Weight Per Portion: 122g*

Size: 5x1.5*

*Our cakes and pastries are made by hand and may vary in size and weight.

The recipe does not contain nuts, but is prepared in a traditional bakery and may contain traces of nut products.